Pay What You Can

I’m a big believer in a pay-what-you-can approach to art when possible.  I believe that people want to contribute in some way to the making of things they appreciate, and given the opportunity, they will gladly pay what they can afford to do so.

So when I have something new I’m trying out (first time flaws and all), something older that for whatever reason just hasn’t found a home yet, something that doesn’t quite fit where I sell my other art and needs a space all its own, something for which I haven’t found the right audience yet… I’ll put it here.  If it’s here, I’m willing to part with it for whatever you care to pay…really.

Everything here was created at the hands of yours truly.  If you have an interest or a question, email me at and I’ll get back with you quickly.  Shipping to you, wherever in the world you are, is at actual cost and I will do everything I can to get you the best price for that.  Feel free to inquire about shipping before deciding the price you’re willing to offer for a piece.  Payment can be made via

So have a look around.  I hope you see something that excites you in some way and makes you happy that you can have it for whatever you’re able to pay.  THAT will make me happy in turn!

You never know what you’ll find here… jewelry, pottery, paintings, sculptures… I’m always trying something new!  Please come back and look again!

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